Spine and Orthopedic Surgery Center Partnerships


Now is an opportune time for spine and orthopedic surgeons to consider developing an ASC (ambulatory surgery center) with a proven partner. As a result of ongoing technological advancements, minimally invasive surgical procedures, improved anesthesia and pain control, home health and other recovery options, and appropriate patient selection, both spine and orthopedic (total joint replacment) procedures continue to migrate from an inpatient to an outpatient setting at a rapid pace. Over the past few years, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid continue to add CPT codes to the growing list of reimburseable procedures that are not only safe to perform in an ASC setting, but also more efficient and cost-effective. 


Surgeons can benefit from selecting an ASC development and management partner with the resources required to navigate, support, and drive the complex steps of spine and orthopedic-driven ASC planning, ASC development, and ASC management


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Meridian Surgical Partners has proven industry experience, clinical and financial operations expertise, and access to capital.


Spine and Orthopedic ASC Development Partnership Approach

Meridian's approach to spine and orthopedic surgery center partnerships begins with recommending a streamlined and efficient "campus" to represent separate operating entities within the total concept. This includes the ASC, physician offices/practices/clinic, and complementary ancillary services, such as imaging. This concept creates a very convenient and efficient environment for both patients and physicians. Meridian places strong emphasis on identifying and recruiting additional physician partners to ensure that spine and orthopedic procedures are complemented by specialties such as pain management.


Considerations when evaluating Spine and Orthopedic ASC development partnerships:


  • Physician partnership/investment opportunity in market  
  • Case volume (net transfer of spine and/or orthopedic cases to the ASC)
  • Market demographics (population, competing ASCs, hospitals, payer environment)

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Physician partner benefits:


  • Physician recruitment
  • Access to capital resources
  • Experienced, strategic partner with proven track record of ASC development, management, and spine reimbursement
  • Maximized case volume and revenue
  • Focused senior management team
  • Decreased risk
  • Reduced management and administrative burdens
  • Strong focus on patient care and outcomes
  • Improved quality of life
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