Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question: What types of partnerships does Meridian seek?


Answer: Meridian Surgical Partners is a surgery center management and development company. We specialize in acquisition, development, and management of multi-specialty and spine and orthopedic-driven ambulatory surgery centers. We acquire established physician-owned ASCs as well as partner with physicians who want to develop a new ASC. Learn more about how Meridian approaches each type of partnership.


ASC Acquisition Partnerships
ASC Development Partnerships 
Spine and Orthopedic ASC Partnerships
Hospital Joint Ventures


Question: What are the benefits of partnering with Meridian?


Answer: Physician benefits of a partnership with Meridian:


  • Return on investment
  • More control over surgical environment
  • Experienced, strategic partner with proven track record of ASC management
  • Decreased risk
  • Access to capital resources
  • Maximized case volume and revenue
  • Increased opportunities for organic and external growth
  • Reduced management and administrative burdens
  • Strong focus on patient care and outcomes
  • Readily accessible senior management team
  • Improved quality of life

Question: How does Meridian select its partnership opportunities?


Answer: We are a flexible and nimble organization that looks to tailor each partnership to meet the needs of our physician partners. We will do whatever it takes to make each partnership as successful and as value-added as is possible. Instead of telling physicians what we think they want to achieve out of a partnership with us, we have created a "ground-up" approach at Meridian.

In our approach, we analyze a variety of factors to determine if the relationship will be a beneficial opportunity for both Meridian and the prospective physician partners.

Meridian takes the following into consideration when evaluating a new partnership:


  • Physician partnership and market demographics
  • Physician specialties (orthopedic, spine, and pain management)
  • Capacity for growth (physical and partnership)
  • Payor mix with a majority of in-network contracts
  • Surgical case volume (orthopedic, spine, pain management)

Question: What is PEAK?


Answer: PEAK, which stands for performance, efficiency, achievement and knowledge, is Meridian's management approach and how we bring value to our partnerships to reach the highest level of success. By focusing on these four cornerstones in every aspect of management - whether it's financial, operational, clinical, information technology, etc. - we provide a better executed plan that achieves superior results.

Meridian applies the PEAK approach to each facility in order to focus on and enhance the patient experience. That experience starts at the physician's office and follows the patient through the center. We believe it is imperative to reach beyond the surgical facility and integrate with the physician practice. We want to improve the patient experience by creating a seamless patient pathway.

As part of that, we must focus on throughput, or how efficiently you can manage a case with the best use of resources. We concentrate on collecting data at every operating point in the center and then analyze and complete comparative studies on that data. Then, with our physician partners and facility clinical staff, we utilize the analysis to develop a plan to address and improve areas of opportunity. An important and ongoing part of the PEAK approach is the ability to use the data to enhance the operations.


Learn more about the Meridian Difference and PEAK.


Question: Does Meridian partner with physicians to develop ambulatory surgery centers?


Answer: YES. Meridian partners with physicians who are seeking to extend their practice and increase their revenue opportunities by developing their own multi-specialty or spine and orthopedic-driven ambulatory surgery center. These physicians can greatly benefit from the experience and expertise of a business partner who can guide them through the complex steps of planning, development and management.

Meridian has the capital resources and industry experience to partner with physicians to plan and develop all aspects of new facilities. Meridian understands that the most crucial first step is planning. We collaborate closely with the physician partnership to define the scope which will ultimately dictate the facility size. Upon defining the scope of the project, Meridian guides the partnership through financing and real estate issues to the delivery of the facility. Our proven project management process uses efficient and cost-effective measures to ensure development stays on timeline and within budget. Depending on the partnerships needs, Meridian assumes either a minority or majority interest and manages the partnership long term.

Learn more about our approach to ASC development


Question: What experience does Meridian have in the ambulatory surgery center industry?


Answer: Meridian Surgical Partners was formed by veterans of the healthcare industry, who have brought together a powerful combination of business acumen, physician relationships, and clinical expertise, to deliver a superior kind of surgical company.

Armed with an established track record in financing, developing, and operating ambulatory surgery centers, specialty surgical hospitals and related healthcare ancillary businesses throughout the United States, we think the time has come for some fresh perspectives and a new approach in the ASC space. The time to improve the industry is now.

Learn more about Meridian's management team and Management Services 


Question: How do I contact a Meridian representative?


Answer: Contact us via phone at 615-301-8140 or via email at