Where do you start if you want to build a Surgery Center?

Develop and operate a multi-specialty or spine/orthopedics-driven surgery center 


spine surgery center developmentWhether it's a multi-specialty or spine and orthopedic-focused facility, now is an opportune time for surgeons to consider developing an ASC with a proven partner. As a result of ongoing technological advancements, minimally invasive surgical procedures, improved anesthesia and pain control, home health and other recovery options, along with appropriate patient selection, many surgical procedures, including higher acuity procedures in spine and orthopedics, continue to migrate from an inpatient to an outpatient setting at a rapid pace.


Physicians who want to develop a new surgery center should consider the types of ASC development partnerships and considerations that affect the success of a new project. 


Meridian Surgical Partners works with physicians on the planning, development, and management of ASCs. The first step in determining whether a project is viable is to determine the project scope. The scope of the project is determined by how many physicians will included in the partnership, case volume, and specialty mix. This data determines the size of the facility and lead to cost, and investment. 


See our Project Scope flow chart.


Develop a Surgery Center - Where to Start - Case Study Data Diligence and Dedication

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Data, Diligence and Dedication: A De Novo Development Success Story

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