Develop a Surgery Center - Partnership Benefits

Physicians who want to develop a multi-specialty or spine and orthopedic ambulatory surgery center can increase their success rate and access to valuable resources by partnering with an ASC management and development company.


  • Physician recruitment
  • Access to capital resources
  • Experienced, strategic partner with proven track record of ASC development, management, and spine reimbursement
  • Maximized case volume and revenue
  • Focused senior management team
  • Decreased risk
  • Reduced management and administrative burdens
  • Strong focus on patient care and outcomes
  • Improved quality of life

1. Access To Capital

Without adequate equity and debt financing, a project can quickly fail. An experienced ASC development partner has the industry contacts and expertise to navigate the ever-changing lending environment to obtain fund- ing for construction and equipment and drive the process of raising money for working capital to support the critical start-up phase of the project.

2. Expedited Development

ASC development partners understand the complex process of building, equipping, staffing, and operating a successful facility. This knowledge can greatly reduce the time it takes from syndication to the delivery of the most cases 12 to 14 months. An ASC partner plays a key role in driving the project from beginning to end, so it doesn’t lose momentum or interest from potential investors. Additionally, as obstacles occur that threaten to delay the project, an ASC partner can allocate the resources needed to resolve issues.

3. Recruiting Resources

Case volume drives ASC development. Without adequate case volume to support a facility, there is no project. ASC development partners work closely with physician investors to realistically evaluate case volume sources and to identify, target, and recruit additional surgeons to increase the viability of the project and establish reliable sources of revenue.

4. Planning Expertise

With input from the physician partnership, an ASC partner handles all of the moving parts of the project, such as defining the scope and determining capital needs, syndicating the partnership, establishing real estate relationships, overseeing the construction and equipment planning, coordinating state licensure, accreditation, and Medicare certification, and negotiating managed care contracts. Long-term partners remain engaged in day-to- day operations to ensure the success of the facility beyond development by implementing strategic growth plans, incorporating best practices and benchmarking, and monitoring trends, regulations, and legislative matters.

5. Improved Quality Of Life

Physicians who select an ASC development partner discover that their work/life balance is easier to maintain. They gain freedom from conventional hospital settings, have more control over their surgical environment and boost efficiencies, all while increasing their future revenue.

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