ASC Management Approach

The Meridian Difference


What makes Meridian different? Quite simply: Questions. We ask a lot of them.

Most ASC management and development companies create a partnership model, then package it and sell it - a top-down approach. And they have proven that what they've built works.

But we're trying to provide something that is unique with Meridian.

Our team knows from years of working with physicians and forming successful ambulatory surgery center (ASC) and hospital partnerships that every deal is different. What works for one physician or physician group doesn't necessarily work for another.

It's simple: Success is defined differently by every individual.

So, instead of telling physicians what we think they want to achieve out of a surgery center partnership with us, we have created a "ground-up" approach at Meridian. We are a flexible and nimble organization that look to tailor each surgery center partnership to meet the needs of our physician partners. We will do whatever it takes to make each partnership as successful and as value-added as is possible.

In order to do that, we're spending lots of time listening, instead of talking. Unless, of course, we're asking questions.

We have the financial capabilities to match any of our competitors in pursuit of a deal, but we recognize that what really matters is whether or not our physician partners are happy.

Your ASC business is local and we want it to stay that way.

Driven by our unique and proven PEAK management approach, we concentrate on the four cornerstones of Performance, Efficiency, Achievement and Knowledge to operate at a local level to take our ASC partnerships to new heights.

Most importantly is what you do with the partnership once you get it.

We have greatly reduced the industry standard ratio of surgical facilities to operations, giving our physician partners the personal attention to detail and access to senior management they need to ensure the relationship is centered on communications, not a standard formula.


PEAK - Approach to Surgery Center Management


Meridian   PEAK

Our management platform drives our success.

In the end, it's not our management model that is so successful. It's how we use that model. Meridian's goal is not to reinvent the surgery center industry, but to do it better and smarter than our competitors. It's our solid operational framework that drives success. 




PEAK Meridian one manWhat is PEAK?

Performance   Efficiency   Achievement   Knowledge 


We must focus how efficiently cases are managed with the best use of resources. We concentrate on collecting data at every operating point in the center and then analyze and complete comparative studies on that data. Then, with our physician partners and facility clinical staff, we utilize the analysis to develop a plan to address and improve areas of opportunity. An important and ongoing part of the PEAK approach is the ability to use the data to enhance the operations. Meridian applies the PEAK approach to each of our ambulatory surgery centers in order to focus on and enhance the patient experience. That experience starts at the physician's office and follows the patient to the center. We believe it is imperative to reach beyond the surgical facility and integrate with the physician practice. We want to improve the patient experience by creating a seamless patient pathway. It is our approach to bringing value to our partnerships to reach the highest level of success. By focusing on these four cornerstones in every aspect of management - whether it's financial, operational, clinical, information technology or marketing - we provide a better executed plan that achieves superior results.



How does PEAK Work?

At the outset of our relationship, Meridian partners can expect to undergo a "Current State of Operations Assessment." In the case of an ASC acquisition, this assessment is based on the analysis of data that we pull from the existing ASC and physician's office. For de novo situations, we examine data from the physician's practice.

In either case, we work with current systems to collect data.


That data is then analyzed for three reasons:


  1. To determine current status of operations and finances
  2. To assess improvement opportunity
  3. To develop the strategic plan for the center

The data will tell us exactly what we need to know, and from there our team works hard to effectively explain the findings to our physician partners. Together with those physicians, we develop a strategic plan that will allow us to mutually accomplish our respective definitions of success.

It doesn’t end there.


We measure our success every day. We are consistently evaluating our performance and the success of the PEAK approach. We accomplish this by benchmarking our centers against each other as well as the rest of the industry. We collect data from the centers, our patients and our physician partners to track financial, operational, and quality indicators. After careful analysis of the indicators, we are able to generate an aggressive, executable action plan allowing us to optimize our resources to achieve desired results.


We spend time with the physicians and clinicians at each center every month to present the data to determine future focus and next steps for the partnership.


What is the role of the surgery center partner?


describe the imageThe physicians drive the clinical decisions around our mutually-developed strategic plan. And we drive the data.


What is the role of the staff?

We realize that processes already in place are difficult to change, so Meridian empowers not only its physicians, but also the management and staff at the center level to ultimately control the destiny of the center.


Meridian knows that employee satisfaction is not just about a suggestion box. If we didn't believe our employees could make important everyday decisions, then we would limit our success.


This is why we believe that operating the centers at the local level with great people increases physician, employee and patient satisfaction, ultimately driving success.