About Meridian Surgical Partners


Meridian Surgical Partners

Meridian Surgical Partners specializes in ASC acquisition, development and managementwith a focus on spine and orthopedic-driven ambulatory surgery centers. Meridian Surgical Partners was formed by three veterans of the healthcare industry, who have brought together a powerful combination of business acumen, physician relationships, and clinical expertise, to deliver a superior kind of ASC company.


Armed with an established track record in financing, developing, and operating ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), specialty surgical hospitals and related healthcare ancillary businesses throughout the United States, we think the time has come for some fresh perspectives and a new approach in the ASC space. The time to improve the industry is now.


Meridian’s goal is not to reinvent the ambulatory surgery center industry, but to do it better and smarter than our competitors. We have a common sense approach, built on good business principles.


That’s why our management approach is so important. The PEAK approach to ASC operations is vital to our success and allows us to bring value to our ASC physician partnerships. Developed by our team over two decades, PEAK (Performance, Efficiency, Achievement and Knowledge) enables us to tailor operations strategies for each facility based on the partnership’s definition of success. By focusing on these four cornerstones in every aspect of management - whether it's financial, operational, clinical, information technology, etc. - we provide a better executed plan that achieves superior results.


At Meridian, ultimately, we want our success to reflect the meaning of our name – the highest stage of development.


We will strive to help our physician partners and ASCs reach the "meridian" of the ASC industry.